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The Ultimate Phenomenal Girl Challenge: empowers & develops their leadership skills, their public speaking skills, their philanthropic efforts, visibility and a platform to show up in the world & share and serve using their gifts & talents.  All funds raised during this challenge will support the organization's development as we continue to implement more to enhance the program in its entirety.

Introducing the Ultimate Phenomenal Girls Challenge




I am excited to announce the amazing project underway with Phenomenal Girls Do Phenomenal Things. We have just launched one of our newest projects entitled Courage Stories where we have selected 10 girls from our Leadership Workshop in December of last year to be featured in our 10 Mini –Series Episode.  How amazing is that! Right! We have teamed up with Flourishe Media Group to assist us with raising funds for our program through media sponsorships and with the editing and airing of each girl’s video.


Out of this venture we have created the Ultimate Phenomenal Girls Challenge where each girl that participates in raising funds for sponsorship for her video could win fantastic prizes based on who raises the most sponsorship. We want their stories to be heard! Because of their courage, this could help another young lady trying to find her voice and be courageous. 


I hope you are excited as I am about the journey ahead to help these beautiful young ladies share with the world about their courage! One thing I do know is developing Phenomenal Girls will result in creating Phenomenal Women.


Please take a moment to look at the Sponsorship Opportunities provided through our Media Partner Flourishe Media Group. Your support is lucrative to the development of our programs as we work to empower our young phenomenal girls. 


Best Regards,


Danielle Holloway


Phenomenal Girls Do Phenomenal Things


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